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param array $instance Saved values from database. */ public function widget($args, $instance) { echo $args<'before_widget'>; if (!empty($instance<'title'>)) emang lại $args<'before_title'> . apply_filters('widget_title', $instance<'title'>) . $args<'after_title'>; $args = array('post_type' => 'product', 'product_cat' => 'mais-vendidas', 'orderby' => 'rand'); $loop = new WP_Query($args); ?>

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function kt_template_loop_product_thumbnail() { global $product; $thumb_inner_class = array('thumb-inner'); $kt_using_two_image = kt_option('kt_using_two_image', 'yes'); $back_image = ''; if ($kt_using_two_image == "yes") $attachment_ids = $product->get_gallery_attachment_ids(); if ($attachment_ids) $back_image = wp_get_attachment_image($attachment_ids<0>, 'shop_catalog'); if ($back_image) $thumb_inner_class<> = 'has-back-image'; ob_start(); ?>
function show_product_gallery_archive() global $post, $product, $woocommerce; $small_thumbnail_kích cỡ = apply_filters('single_product_small_thumbnail_size', 'shop_catalog'); $enabled_archives = get_option('woocommerce_product_gallery_slider_archives_enabled'); $enabled_for_post_archive = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_woocommerce_product_gallery_slider_archives_enabled', true); if ($enabled_archives == 'yes' && $enabled_for_post_archive sầu !== 'no'