How To Get Featured Image Url ()


Now I want lớn get the full featured image on clichồng on the anchor tag for which I need a featured image URL in

How can I fix this?

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Chechồng the code below và let me know if it works for you.

ID ) ): ?> ID ), "single-post-thumbnail" ); ?>



If you want JUST the source, và not an array with other information:

ID), "thumbnail" ); ?>

You will try this

ID), "full"); ?> // Here you can manage your image size like medium, thumbnail, or custom kích thước


eđến pathinfo($image->guid, PATHINFO_DIRNAME);

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ID), "thumbnail_size"); $feature_image_url = $image_src<0>; ?>You can change the thumbnail_form size value as per your required form size.

You can also get the URL for image attachments as follows:

".wp_get_attachment_url(304, array(50,50), 1)."
Simply inside the loop write as shown below:-

$args=array("post_type" => "your_custom_post_type_slug","order" => "DESC","posts_per_page"=> -1) ;$the_qyery= new WP_Query($args);if ($the_qyery->have_posts()) : while ( $the_qyery->have_posts() ) : $the_qyery->the_post();?>
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