How to fix 'the link you followed has expired' error in wordpress

Are you experiencing “The Link You Followed Has Expired” error in WordPress? This is one of the many comtháng WordPress errors you may encounter when using WordPress. But like the majority of WordPress errors, it is straightforward to lớn fix.

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The main problem with this error message is its lachồng of description. The error message does not, in any way, tell you what is wrong. This makes it challenging to resolve for beginners. That’s not an uncommon issue where many errors are involved.

Today, I will demonstrate how lớn resolve “The Link You Followed Has Expired” error in WordPress. There are several different methods available, and we’ll cover a few of them. We’ll also touch on some troubleshooting methods that you can use when you run inlớn other WordPress errors.

What Causes the “The Link You Followed Has Expired” Error?

It is always important lớn underst& the cause of an error message because this gives you the knowledge to avoid it in the future. I know that’s easier said than done in a lot of cases. We’ll talk about that more in a minute.

As for “The Link You Followed Has Expired,” typically, you will experience this error when you are in the process of uploading a theme or plugin from the admin panel.

The issue is caused by the tệp tin upload limit defined by your website host. In most cases, the limit is high enough lớn avoid these kinds of errors. However, if the tệp tin is larger than usual, or your host has phối a low tệp tin upload limit, the error can occur.

If you were trying lớn upload a large file or directory other than a plugin or theme, you would most likely run inlớn the “Maximum Execution Time Exceeded” error. Two different errors, but the root cause is the same in both cases.

However, this error isn’t too hard to lớn fix.

How to Resolve sầu “The Link You Followed Has Expired Error” in WordPress

Since the error is caused by an upload limit set by your web host, all you need lớn is increase that limit.

Nothing lớn it, right?

There are multiple ways to bởi vì this, & all of them require adding a few lines of code. Don’t let that discourage you. You vị not need lớn be a coding expert lớn fix this error. As long as you can copy and paste, you will be fine.

Method 1: functions.php File

The functions.php tệp tin is the most edited file for the majority of websites. However, keep in mind that this is tied to your current WordPress theme.

Thus if you decide to lớn change your theme later, your upload limit will be mix baông chồng to lớn the mặc định value. But if you vì not change your theme often, then this is the easiest file to lớn edit.

This is one of the reasons why it’s always a good idea to lớn use a child theme when running a WordPress trang web.

If you do plan on changing themes và don’t want to use a child theme, you might prefer to lớn try the next method. That one involves an edit lớn the .htaccess tệp tin, which is not part of WordPress, so a WordPress update won’t overwrite it.

But lớn stop the error via the functions.php file, here’s what lớn bởi. Locate your theme’s function.php file & paste the following code inkhổng lồ it:

ini_set( "max_execution_time", "300" );Make sure to lớn change the upload_max_size & post_max_size values khổng lồ the necessary sizes you need. You must also make sure the max-execution-time is long enough for the tệp tin to lớn be uploaded.

Save the changes khổng lồ the tệp tin, và your error should be resolved.

Some Things lớn cảnh báo About This Method

I would recommkết thúc that you keep the above sầu values as low as possible, while still increasing them enough to lớn fix the error.

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There are a couple of reasons for that approach. First, you don’t necessarily want to lớn allow long execution times, as that can have sầu a negative sầu effect on your website performance during large uploads. If you upload a lot of large files, that can be an issue.

Second, shorter execution times and a smaller upload kích thước can prsự kiện a hacker from easily uploading large files. Granted, that’s a less likely scenario. But considering that 90,000 WordPress sites are hacked every day (more than one every second!), it’s something that could happen lớn any of us.

Method 2: .htaccess File

If you change your theme often or are planning to lớn bởi vì so soon, altering the .htaccess file is the best option.

The .htaccess file lives in the root (often public_html) directory of your trang web & allows you khổng lồ configure certain types of web server behavior. That configuration is done by either adding or removing directives from the file.

Simply locate the .htaccess file (again, it’s usually in the root directory of your site, not the WordPress directory) & paste the following lines of code:

php_value upload_max_filekích cỡ 100Mphp_value post_max_kích cỡ 100Mphp_value max_execution_time 300php_value max_input_time 300Remember to lớn adjust these values to lớn meet your specific needs. But the same recommendations I made for method #1 apply here. You don’t want khổng lồ add necessarily high values.

Save sầu the changes khổng lồ the tệp tin you should no longer see “The Link You Followed Has Expired Error” message.

Method 3: php.ini File

Sometimes finding the .htaccess tệp tin can prove challenging. If you want lớn avoid that entirely, and also not use the functions.php method, there is still another option—the php.ini file.

However, it is important lớn know that if you are on a shared hosting package, the php.ini tệp tin may not exist, or it may not be web1_user-editable. In that case, you might try to lớn create a blank php.ini tệp tin in your website’s root directory.

Once you have sầu located or created the php.ini file, paste the following lines of code in it:

upload_max_filekích cỡ = 100Mpost_max_size = 100Mmax_execution_time = 300Adjust these values as you see fit.

Save sầu the changes, and your error will be resolved.

Troubleshooting “The Link You Followed Has Expired” & Other WordPress Errors

Did you know you can temporarily (and quickly) disable a plugin by renaming the plugin directory? That’s a standard troubleshooting tool, but there’s a lot more troubleshooting information available out there.

It’s Easy khổng lồ Fix WordPress Errors

One of the biggest mistakes that new developers make is panicking over an error message. While WordPress could vị a better job of listing the exact cause of an error, there are plenty of other places lớn find the information.

As a web developer, you will run into lớn errors at some point. It’s unavoidable, but it’s also completely normal. Even the best developers sometimes make changes that can break some part of their websites. None of us are immune.

The good web1_news is that it’s easy to fix WordPress errors. The majority of these problems can be resolved within a few minutes.

You can also consider using a backup lớn restore your trang web before the error appeared. However, I recommover doing this as a last resort. Mainly because of how easy it is khổng lồ repair most WordPress issues.

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But also because if you restore from a backup, you’ll never know the cause of the error. (Unless it appears again, at which point you’ll be bachồng khổng lồ square one & have sầu to lớn determine what’s causing the error.)

Were you trying to upload a theme or plugin from the admin area when you ran into lớn this error? Which tệp tin did you choose to edit?


Author: Robert Giaquinto

Robert has been writing tutorials about WordPress & other CMS for over 3 years since joining the sale team. Thanks to this, he has had the opportunity lớn research & master several areas of WordPress including plugin usage, SEO, website design, and social truyền thông integration. When he is not creating nội dung for WordPress, Robert is digging up new nội dung ideas for environmental pieces. These range from the pollution in our air to the danger’s wildlife face. And with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, he is always eager to discuss the way our technologies are affecting the environment, especially when it comes lớn solar energy.

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