Giới Thiệu Những Platform Mạng Xã Hội (So Sánh Sơ Qua Giữa Phpfox Là Gì


The Powerful Social Network Platsize to lớn build online communities easily; encourages web1_users khổng lồ interact và engage with much fun.

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Whether you want to lớn build a social website for your business, organization, startup or just your comtháng interest group, phpFox can help with lots of its built-in features.

We have spent a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of time lớn work on performance improvements khổng lồ ensure that the software is an Efficient Investment for your Growing Business.

Whether your audience access your community on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, your social content can adapt perfectly to any screen kích thước.

Customize your look and feel is just a breeze. No coding required! Our theme management system allows you to lớn easily add, remove or edit any website part.


Start your own social network trang web is never such easy with phpFox – the best social network software. You can quickly create a social networking site with lots of built-in social features such as Friends, Feeds, User Profiles, Facebook Login, & much more. phpFox provides a lot of social network features that encourage your web1_users.

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Your website will come alive sầu with all of the great features we have sầu, from Likes and Shares, to Pokes and E-Gifts. We’ve sầu got it jam-packed with features lớn keep your web1_users engaged with your site và interacting. We give the ability for your web1_users khổng lồ engage other web1_users on the site. They can manage their friends’ privacy from their “Privacy Settings” page & remove sầu them at any time.

Monetizing a social network doesn’t have sầu lớn be hard, and we make sure you have the right tools lớn get things started. We’ve got you covered here too! Subscriptions, web1_user ads, sponsorships và more! Fully integrated with Paypal payment gateway. Fully extendable by the payment gateway API should you need to add more gateways.

Your social network can become an international community once it grows. Therefore, we make the phpFox script well-equipped for that with Multilingual, Right-to-Left, Currency & 3rd Party Translations.

Gamification has much effect on motivating your web1_users lớn take actions immediately. It encourages your web1_users khổng lồ contribute more and offer a good effect for community engagement. The gamification features include Activity Points, eGift and Promotions.

You have sầu full control over your site with over 340 web1_settings to choose from. You don’t need to lớn have a much technical experience to lớn use our script. Most of them already have sầu explanation & tutorials available. Our Admin Control Panel gives site admins full control of their social network from the nội dung that is added lớn the activity of what is going on behind the scenes.

Our sản phẩm is built on a platform with hooks placed throughout the entire script allowing you lớn extkết thúc the product directly from the Admin Control Panel, or 3rd party developers lớn extend the script functionalities via apps, themes, customization,…

Smartphone browsing, from tablets to smartphones, is growing so fast at an unprecedented rate. Users need khổng lồ get information quickly and effectively via their di động devices. phpFox team is always working hard lớn make its hàng hóa điện thoại ready which means making sure the web nội dung & assets are accessible, legible, và usable to web1_users across all devices.