Ôn thi thpt quốc gia môn tiếng anh 2018

Tài liệu ôn thi THPT Quốc gia 2018 môn Tiếng Anh kèm lời giải cụ thể từng câu góp những em ôn thi môn Tiếng Anh thật giỏi.

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Đồng thời, cũng giúp luyện vấn đáp câu hỏi, có tác dụng quen thuộc với những dạng câu hỏi nhằm chuẩn bị thật xuất sắc mang lại kỳ thi trung học phổ thông Quốc gia 2018 tới đây.Sở tài liệu này chia nhỏ ra thành 15 bài học kinh nghiệm, từng bài bác lại sở hữu gần như dạng thắc mắc khác nhau cho những em ôn luyện. Trong khi, những em hoàn toàn có thể đọc thêm đôi mươi đề thi thử hết sức quan trọng để gia công quen với cấu tạo đề thi. Mời những em cùng xem thêm nội dung bài viết dưới đây:

Đề cương cứng ôn thi THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh năm 2018

UNIT 1: TENSESA. Use the correct form of verbs in brackets.1. In all the world, there (be) __________ only 14 mountains that (reach) __________above 8,000 meters.
2. He sometimes (come) __________ to lớn see his parents.3. When I (come) __________, she (leave) __________for Dalat ten minutes ago.4. My grandfather never (fly) __________ in an airplane, and he has no intention of ever doing so.5. We just (decide) __________ that we (undertake) the job.6. He told me that he (take) __________ a trip lớn California the following week.7. I knew that this road (be) __________ too narrow.8. Right now I (attend) __________ class. Yesterday at this time I (attend) __________class.9. Tomorrow I"m going to leave for trang chủ. When I (arrive) __________at the airport, Mary (wait) for me.10. Margaret was born in 1950. By the year 2005, she (live) __________on this earth for 55 years.11. The traffic was very heavy. By the time I (get) __________to Mary"s các buổi tiệc nhỏ, everyone already (arrive) __________12. I will graduate in June. I (see) you in July. By the time I (see) __________ you, I (graduate) __________.

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13. I (visit) __________ my uncle"s home many times when I (be) __________ a child.14. That book (lie) __________ on the table for week. You (not read) __________ it yet ?15. David (wash) __________ his hands. He just (repair) __________ the TV set.16. You (be) __________here before? Yes, I (spend) __________ my holidays here last year.17. We never (meet) __________ hyên. We don"t know what he (look) __________ lượt thích.18. The car (be) __________ ready for hyên ổn by the time he (come) __________tomorrow.19. On arriving at home I (find) __________that she just (leave) __________a few minutes before.trăng tròn. When we (arrive) __________ in London tonight, it probably (rain) __________.21. It (rain) __________ hard. We can"t do anything until it (stop) __________22. Last night we (watch) __________TV when the power (fail) __________.23. That evening we (stay) __________up to lớn talk about the town where he (live) __________for some years.24. I (sit) __________down for a rest while the shoes (repair) __________.25. Half way lớn the office Paul (turn) __________round và (go) __________baông xã home page because he (forget) lớn turn the gas off.26. London (change) a lot since we first (come) __________ khổng lồ live here.
27. While we (talk) __________on the phone the children (start) __________fighting and (break) __________a window28. He used lớn talk to us for hours about all the interesting things he (do) __________ in his life.29. You know she (stand) __________looking at that picture for the last twenty minutes.30. I (spend) __________ a lot of time travelling since I (get) __________this new job.31. When I (be) __________ at school we all (study) __________Latin.32. When I (meet) __________ hyên ổn, he (work) __________as a waiter for a year or so.33. After he (finish) __________ breakfast he (sit) __________down to lớn write some letters.34. She (have) __________a hard life, but she"s always smiling.35. I think Jyên (be) __________ out of town.B. Choose the best answer aý muốn A, B, C, or D.1. When I last saw hyên, he _____ in London.A. has lived B. is living C. was living D. has been living2. We _______ Dorothy since last Saturday.A. don"t see B. haven"t seen C. didn"t see D. hadn"t seen3. The train ______ half an hour ago.A. has been leaving B. leftC. has left D. had left4. Jack ______ the door.A. has just painted B. paintC. will have sầu painted D. painting5. My sister ________ for you since yesterday.A. is looking B. was looking C. has been looking D. looked
6. I ______ Texas State University now.A. am attending B. attkết thúc C. was attending D. attended7. He has been selling motorbikes ________.A. ten years ago B. since ten yearsC. for ten years ago D. for ten years8. Christopher Columbus _______ American more than 500 years ago.A. discovered B. has discoveredC. had discovered D. had been discovering9. He fell down when he ______ towards the church.A. run B. runs C. was running D. had run10. We _______ there when our father died.A. still lived B. lived stillC. was still lived D. were still living11. They ______ table tennis when their father comes bachồng trang chủ.A. will play B. will be playingC. play D. would play12. By Christmas, I _______ for Mr. Smith for six years.A. shall have sầu been working B. shall workC. have sầu been working D. shall be working13. I _______ in the room right now.A. am being B. was being C. have been being D. am14. I ______ khổng lồ Thành Phố New York three times this year.A. have been B. was C. were D. had been15. I"ll come và see you before I _______ for the States.A. leave sầu B. will leave C. have left D. shall leave16. The little girl asked what _______ khổng lồ her friend.A. has happened B. happenedC. had happened D. would have been happened17. John ______ a book when I saw him.
A. is reading B. read C. was reading D. reading18. He said he _______ return later.A. will B. would C. can D. would be19. Jaông xã ________ the door.A. has just opened B. openC. will have opened D. opening20. I have sầu been waiting for you ______.A. since early morning B. since 9 a.mC. for two hours D. All are correct21. Almost everyone _______ for trang chủ by the time we arrived.A. leave B. left C. leaves D. had left22. By the age of 25, he ______ two famous novels.A. wrote B. writes C. has written D. had writtenTải tệp tin để xem thêm ngôn từ đưa ra tiết!