Why i didn't support love beauty and planet for wavy hair


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It used lớn be that to keep your color-treated hair rich và healthy, you had khổng lồ buy the products at the salon làm tóc your hairstylist recommended. And they could get pretty pricey, which is stressful after you just dropped a bunch of money on getting the màu sắc done in the first place. Luckily, new affordable brands pop up every day now and some are even just as good — or better — than the salon làm tóc options. One of those is from Target’s in-house line, Love Beauty và Planet. I use the natural deodorant from the brand and love it, but had yet khổng lồ use its hair products for fear they wouldn’t be moisturizing enough for my damaged, color-treated strands. The Love Beauty và Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Conditioner promises khổng lồ keep màu sắc vibrant & fans swear by its ability lớn smooth và detangle, so, with some nerves, I put it to lớn the test.

When I say my hair is dry, I mean it's dry. After bleaching my strands platinum blonde for years, I recently went brunette & I’m still working khổng lồ bring my hair back khổng lồ life. Because healthy hair retains color, mine fades fast. Even if I only wash my hair twice a week, the richness of the màu sắc doesn’t last. That’s why I like to use ultra-moisturizing conditioners & ones without dyes và silicones. This conditioner checked those boxes and then some. Not only is it không tính tiền from color-damaging ingredients, it’s also vegan and cruelty-free, made with organic coconut oil and ethically sourced rose extract. Plus, the bottle is made of 100 percent recycled plastic. Color (ha!) me impressed.

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The first thing I noticed about the conditioner was the smell. As someone who is very sensitive to smells (thanks, migraines), it was a little strong for me. The rose scent is nice, but a bit too much of a good thing. I, however, fully acknowledge that a strong scent is a positive for a lot of people, so I didn’t let it deter me. The next thing I noticed is how little conditioner I needed to coat my hair. While it’s only shoulder length, my hair’s dryness often makes me use a handful of product just khổng lồ get my fingers through it. I felt lượt thích this really got each strand without a lot of effort. I left it in for a few minutes and was pleasantly surprised when it rinsed out easily. (Sometimes, moisturizing conditioners stay in your hair for what feels lượt thích forever.)

People I know who use this conditioner say they can easily run a comb through their hair when they get out of the shower. This is probably true if your hair is just color-treated, but mine is damaged as well. I added a bit of my favorite leave-in conditioner & the combination of both did make my comb slide right through. I can’t remember the last time a conditioner that costs less than $10 made my hair so manageable. It was even easy to blow-dry straight without a lot of frizz.

Because I’m rebuilding the damaged keratin in my hair, I have lớn replace it with protein-rich masks. But I don’t need to use those masks every time I wash my hair. This conditioner is a great option for my “off” days when I just want my hair to lớn feel silky smooth without a lot of effort. It’s too soon lớn tell if my màu sắc will fade as quickly as usual, but it does still seem rich to lớn me. I’ll be incorporating this into my routine and for sure trying the sulfate-free shampoo in the same color-safe family.