Kiểm tra phiên bản php xampp

In Linux, its simple. I just type /opt/lampp/lampp status, and it tells me about the XAMPP version.

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Version: XAMPPhường for Linux 5.6.35-0Apađậy is running.MySQL is running.ProFTPD is running.What is the equivalent command for XAMPPhường on windows?


xuất hiện XAMPPhường Control Panel, hit on the "Help" button và then "View ReadMe" ... It"ll open a Notepad tệp tin having the first line as:

"###### ApacheFriends XAMPPhường. Version x.y.x ######"

where x.y.z is the XAMPPhường version!


Awkward - but the only way I found khổng lồ bởi vì this.


My XAMPPhường version is 3.2.4 and you can find the version of your xampp at the top of its control panel.

To check the version of xampp components:

For Apache:Go khổng lồ where you installed xampp and open xampp thư mục.Travers through the following folders:

xampp -> apabít -> bin -> Right click on httpd.exe pháo -> Properties option -> Details tab

Chechồng the File Version as displayed in the following screen:


If you want to lớn use XAMPPhường. shell, go khổng lồ your xampp control panel and press Shell button in blaông xã at the right, after it opens type the following commands khổng lồ kiểm tra the version for each apabịt, php and mysql:

for Apache type : httpd -v

for PHP type : php -vfor mysql type : mysql --version , & that will display your MariaDB version too.
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Noha SalahNoha Salah
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Go to lớn uninstall software if you are on windows và there you will see the version of your xammp.


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Sergio ChavezSergio Chavez
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Just go lớn the Xampp installation directory(Default is C:xampp) & open readme_en.txt for English information and readme_de.txt for German information.

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Hey it"s very easy khổng lồ find your mysql version.

When you opened the XAMP control panel, there is a tab named "Shell". Cliông xã it andomain authority commvà prompt will open & all you have sầu khổng lồ vị is to lớn type the command mysql --version

Thats it! you can see the version.

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answered Feb 15 at 16:28
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