Hướng dẫn recovery win 7 cho dòng máy hp

This document explains how to lớn reset the computer lớn its original factory shipped state & is divided inkhổng lồ sections based on the different ways of performing a system recovery.

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The complete recovery process can take 4 to lớn 6 hours or more to lớn complete. For best results, the computer should be connected to lớn the Internet. The computer restarts several times during the process. Do not turn off the power or interrupt the recovery process until the prompt to lớn log in lớn Windows displays.

Your computer might have sầu three types of System Recovery available, or it might have sầu only two. Use the recovery type that resolves your issue without making more changes than necessary.
System Recovery: This option reformats the system drive (usually C:), reinstalls the original operating system, and reinstalls all the original hardware drivers và software. System Recovery does not impact web1_user created partitions. If there are two hard drives, System Recovery modifies only the drive sầu with the operating system.
If the form size of the operating system partition (usually C:) was reduced below a minimum kích cỡ requirement, other web1_user created partitions are removed and stored data is destroyed.
Factory Reset: Factory Rephối removes all partitions, reformats the entire hard drive sầu, reinstalls the original operating system, và reinstalls all the original hardware drivers và software. This option also recreates the required Recovery partition (usually D:) & UEFI partition (usually E:) & reinstalls the required software.
The Factory Reset option returns all of the notebook"s software to the condition it was in at the time of purchase. All web1_user changes or additions are removed.

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Minimized Image Recovery: Available on many of nguyenminhchau.com"s notebook computers, the Minimized Image Recovery removes all partitions, reformats the entire hard drive, reinstalls the original operating system & hardware drivers, & reinstalls nguyenminhchau.com essential software (such as nguyenminhchau.com nguyenminhchau.com Assistant và nguyenminhchau.comhường. Recovery Manager). Minimized Image Recovery does not reinstall the trial applications & games.
If Windows7 opens correctly, perform the following steps lớn start a system recovery from the Windows 7 start menu.
If Windows 7 does not open correctly, go khổng lồ Recovery from the startup screen (during system boot) OR when unable lớn boot to login in screen in this document.
Disconnect all peripheral devices, except for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, và power cord. Remove truyền thông from internal drives, và remove any recently added internal hardware.
Click Start
, click All Programs, click Recovery Manager, & then clichồng Recovery Manager again.
If you are prompted for an Administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. If a User Account Control window asks if you want lớn allow the program to make changes lớn the computer, cliông chồng Yes.

The Recovery Manager asks if you want khổng lồ restore the computer to lớn its original factory shipped condition. Clichồng Yes, và then cliông chồng Next.

If you have sầu already backed up personal files or you vày not want lớn bachồng up personal files, select Recover without backing up your files, và then cliông xã Next. Continue to the next step.