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I installed XAMPP (Apađậy, PHP., MYSQL) in my computer C:xampp. When I tried khổng lồ start phpMyAdmin from my website browser with http: followed by //localhost/phpMyAdmin/ as address, I got "Unable to connect" error. I searched and found that someone else tried the same thing but got different error.Also, I would lượt thích to know how lớn open a .php tệp tin on local computer in website browser.Thank you.



XAMPPhường by mặc định uses http://localhost/phpmyadmin

It also requires you start both Apabịt và MySquốc lộ from the control panel (or as a service).

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In the XAMPPhường Control Panel, clicking < Admin > on the MySQL line will open your mặc định browser at the configured URL for the phpMyAdmin application.

If you get a phpMyAdmin error stating "Cannot connect: invalid web1_settings." You will need to lớn make sure your MySQL config file has a matching port for server và client. If it is not the standard 3306 port, you will also need khổng lồ change your phpMyAdmin config file under apabít (config.inh.php) to meet the new port web1_settings. ( becomes


Your web hệ thống isn"t running! You need to find the XAMPP.. control panel and start the web hệ thống up.

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Of course, you might find other problems after that, but this is the first step.


You dont start phpmyadmin from your webbrowser.When you want khổng lồ start PHPMyAdmin you have khổng lồ do so from the XAMPP control-panel.When you"ve sầu started phpmyadmin from your control-panel you can access it from the web-browser.


http://localhost:(port number of phpmyadmin)/phpmyadmin/

For example: http://localhost:8080/phpmyadmin/

It works great!

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ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect lớn local MySquốc lộ VPS through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
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