Hp quick launch buttons là gì

Some nguyenminhchau.com.. notebook PCs come with Quichồng Launch buttons. Quiông chồng Launch buttons enable you lớn quickly access the programs that you use most frequently. For example, if you frequently travel for your job khổng lồ give presentations, you could program the Presentation button lớn always open a presentation that you frequently use—all you have khổng lồ bởi is press the button and the presentation opens.

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Presentation button – enables you to lớn always open a particular program & khổng lồ view the screen on multiple displays by simply pressing the Presentation button.
nguyenminhchau.comhường. Info button – displays the nguyenminhchau.comhường. Info Center, which provides you with quiông chồng access to lớn nguyenminhchau.comhường 3 chiều Drive Guard, nguyenminhchau.com. nguyenminhchau.com Assistant, nguyenminhchau.comhường Wireless Assistant, and System Information by simply pressing the nguyenminhchau.comhường. Info button.
If the Quick Launch buttons software is installed, the Quiông xã Launch inhỏ displays in the system tray, so that it is always available & easily accessible.
To determine if your notebook has nguyenminhchau.comhường Quiông chồng Launch buttons, look above sầu the F1-F12 function keys on your keyboard for the nguyenminhchau.comhường Info button ibé và for the Presentation button ibé. If you have sầu these icons, you have nguyenminhchau.comhường Quichồng Launch buttons.

You may have sầu nguyenminhchau.com QuickPlay buttons on your particular notebook model, but you may not have nguyenminhchau.com Quiông xã Launch buttons. If you only have sầu nguyenminhchau.com QuickPlay buttons, you will see the nguyenminhchau.com QuickPlay symbol
above sầu the keyboard, but you will not see the nguyenminhchau.com. Info button or Presentation button Quiông chồng Launch icons. nguyenminhchau.com. QuickPlay buttons may launch the nguyenminhchau.com.. QuickPlay, nguyenminhchau.comhường DVD Play, or MediaSmart programs, which are different from the nguyenminhchau.comhường Quiông chồng Launch program.
Another way you can determine if you have sầu Quick Launch buttons is to look at the Product Specifications sheet for your particular notebook Mã Sản Phẩm. If you have sầu a custom-to-order (CTO) notebook, a sản phẩm specifications sheet may not be available. If no product specifications sheet is available for your particular CTO mã sản phẩm, liên hệ nguyenminhchau.comhường. for help determining if your particular notebook Mã Sản Phẩm has nguyenminhchau.comhường Quichồng Launch buttons.
If you have sầu determined that you bởi have nguyenminhchau.comhường Quiông xã Launch buttons, but the nguyenminhchau.com Quiông chồng Launch ibé does not display in the system tray, or if the Quiông xã Launch buttons vì chưng not launch applications when you press them, the nguyenminhchau.comhường Quichồng Launch software is not installed. You can download và install the most recent nguyenminhchau.com Quiông xã Launch button software update. Use nguyenminhchau.com.. Update to lớn locate the software, or go to the nguyenminhchau.com.. Drivers & Downloads page to lớn download and install the most recent version of the nguyenminhchau.com Quick Launch button software.

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If the computer originally came with Windows Vista and has been upgraded lớn Windows 7 you must install the lakiểm tra version of the Quichồng Launch Button software.
To use the nguyenminhchau.com Quick Launch buttons program, click Start, enter quiông chồng into the search field, & then select nguyenminhchau.com Quick Launch Buttons from the menu to open the nguyenminhchau.com Quiông xã Launch Buttons window.
Alternately, if the nguyenminhchau.comhường Quiông xã Launch buttons icon is visible in the system tray beside the clock, double-cliông xã the icon to lớn open the nguyenminhchau.comhường Quick Launch Buttons window.
Alternately, double-cliông chồng the Quiông chồng Launch inhỏ in the system tray to lớn open the nguyenminhchau.comhường. Quichồng Launch Buttons window.
Alternately, double-cliông chồng the Quiông xã Launch ibé in the system tray to lớn open the nguyenminhchau.com. Quiông xã Launch Buttons window.
Alternately, double-cliông xã the Quiông chồng Launch icon in the system tray to lớn open the nguyenminhchau.com.. Quichồng Launch Buttons window.
Alternately, double-cliông chồng the Quick Launch icon in the system tray to open the nguyenminhchau.com Quick Launch Buttons window.