Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex manga


EP 1 Section 9

Public Security Section 9 is an elite special ops unit that works directly under the control of the Prime Minister. They've sầu been called in lớn rescue a high-ranking government official from a hostage situation. But something doesn't seem right lớn Major Motoko Kusanagi. After some investigating, Section 9 uncovers a major espionage plot, and it's up to them to lớn prsự kiện a major international incident.

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EPhường. 2 Testation

Kenbishi Heavy Industries has built a state-of-the-art multiped tank. There's only one problem--it's gone haywire & started moving on its own. Section 9 is called in lớn stop it, as the Self Defense Force will not get involved. Now, it's up khổng lồ Motoko, Batou, và the rest of Section 9 khổng lồ stop the tank và figure out what made it go berserk in the first place.

EPhường 3 Android & I

Across Japan, a number of old JRL type Androids (called "Jeris") are destroying themselves. Section 9 is called in to investigate this mass "robot suicide" because of a potential link lớn another, more dangerous case. The clues lead them lớn a jealous owner who may have sầu taken his Jeri too much to heart, but what is his ultimate plan?

EP 4 Intercepter

While working late, Togusa gets a Điện thoại tư vấn from one of his colleagues from his days on the police force. It seems that he's uncovered something strange happening with the investigators in the Laughing Man Unit, a special task force formed khổng lồ catch the infamous cyber criminal known only as the Laughing Man. But before he can meet with Togusa, he's killed in a oto accident. Now, Togusa only has an envelope full of seemingly random photos to go on--can he put the pieces of the puzzle together?

EP 5 Decoy

The Laughing Man, having returned after a six-year absence, threatens to assassinate the Superintendent-General of the police. Everyone is in an uproar over his return. Aramaki, however, thinks it's a cover-up. He briefs Section 9 on the prime suspect, Nanao=A, an incredibly gifted programmer who developed the micro-machines that are currently the foundation of Serano Industries. Still, it's just too perfect. The team splits up và investigates.

EPhường 6 Meme

As Togusa và Bato trachồng down Nanao, Motoko & Paz are attempting lớn protect the Superintendent-General at a press conference about the police misuse of interceptors. When the virut does hit, Motoko và Paz have khổng lồ act fast khổng lồ save the intended victyên. Meanwhile, the road lớn Nanao=A hits a dead kết thúc.

EPhường 7 Idolater

Section 9 is on the trail of Marcelo Jarti, a South American revolutionary nhân vật who has arrived in Japan. However, Jarti is a hard man khổng lồ catch because he employs look-alikes to lớn deceive people. Nevertheless, Section 9 is convinced that the one they're tracking is the real thing, & after a rather out-of-control gunbattle in an upscale khách sạn, they traông chồng hyên to an old warehouse. When they split up, Togusa, Batou, và Motoko each encounter Jarti--at the same time!

EP.. 8 Missing Hearts

Motoko's friover Courtin asks her to lớn come lớn the hospital where she works. It seems a little girl just received a heart transplant, but the donor's family doesn't remember ever agreeing to donate the heart. Seeing the little girl reminds Motoko of her own past. When she mentions this story to Aramaki, he tells them khổng lồ determine if this is tied to a ring of black-market organ smugglers supposedly run by the mafia.

EP 9 Chat! Chat! Chat!

Motoko enters into lớn an online chat room devoted to lớn the Laughing Man to lớn see if she can find any new information on hyên ổn. What she discovers is a spirited debate amuốn the self-proclaimed "fans" of the Laughing Man, but very little hard evidence.

EPhường 10 Jungle Cruise

The CIA arrives in nhật bản with a request to help them hunt down a serial killer. The killer, a former CIA operative sầu, has recently gone rogue và has turned up in nhật bản. He is an especially brutal killer, preferring to lớn skin his victims alive sầu in the pattern of a T-shirt. This sparks an odd reaction in Batou, and his normally laid-back demeanor is replaced with one of furious determination. What is the liên kết between Batou & this man?

EP 11 Portraitz

Togusa goes undercover at a hospital for patients with Closed Cyberbrain Syndrome, a hospital completely cut off from communication with the outside world. Disguised as a staff worker, he learns that the patients' unique conditions make them exceptional at programming & hacking defense barrier programs.

EP 12 Escape From

One of the Tachikomas decides lớn take a little stroll through the city. It meets a little girl, Miki, who is searching for her lost dog & it agrees lớn help her. On their journey, the Tachikoma finds a strange box. After the adventure with Miki is over and the Tachikoma returns trang chủ, the members of Section 9 discover the box, and find that within it is a movie theater that contains the Ghosts of all those who saw the movie. Will Motoko be the next victim?

EP 13 Not Equal

In a briefing, Aramaki shows a photo of a girl who looks lượt thích Eka Tokura, the daughter of Tokura Electronics, who was kidnapped 16 years ago. But there's one problem--the photo was taken two days ago! When a team of special operatives was sent in, all contact was lost. Section 9 is assigned lớn go in và determine what's really going on.

EPhường 14 YES

The Chinese government contacts Section 9 to let them know that an assassin may have entered Japan to kill a famous reclusive millionaire. Despite their considerable efforts, however, Section 9 is unable to lớn contact hyên khổng lồ warn hyên, so they go directly khổng lồ his residence. Unfortunately, a female cyborg assassin named Fem has arrived first. Now it's a showdown between the Major & Fem, and a man's life hangs in the balance.

EP 15 Machines Desirantes

The Major has become worried about the Tachikomas. It appears that their AIs have developed much more quickly và in ways that were not anticipated; they have begun speaking about their "individuality". Worried, the Major calls Batou khổng lồ a meeting; the Tachikomas, having suspicions of their own, attempt lớn eavesdrop on their conversation. What will be the fate of Section 9's Tachikomas?

EP.. 16 Ag20

Batou goes undercover on a military base khổng lồ shadow one of his former heroes, a man named Zaitsev who was an Olympic silver medalist. Now, however, he's under suspicion of espionage. Batou befriends hyên ổn easily, và the two really seem khổng lồ get along--which is unusual for Batou. But when Batou learns the truth behind his anh hùng, he must make a very difficult decision.

EP. 17 Angel's Share

While at an international police conference in London, Aramaki drops by to visit an old flame who's now in the wine brokering business. She asks hyên to help her put a stop to the corruption in her company, but he tells her that it's out of his jurisdiction. Just then, however, two thieves break inkhổng lồ the building & take them hostage. With a corrupt police official on the outside, it's up lớn Aramaki lớn keep them alive sầu & buy enough time for the Major to figure out what's going on.

EPhường. 18 Lost Heritage

Aramaki attends the funeral of an old war buddy, và is greeted by his departed friend's daughter. She tells hyên ổn that her brother is acting very strangely, and she fears that he may be up lớn something illegal. Aramaki sympathizes, but says there's nothing he can vị legally. Later, Section 9 is assigned the task of protecting the Chinese Foreign Minister from being assassinated. And when they start searching for suspects, the son of Aramaki's frikết thúc is at the top of the list!

EP 19 Captivated

Section 9's next case is a rash of mass-kidnappings. Rumor has it that a crime syndicate is harvesting organs and selling them on the blachồng market. As they research the case, they realize that time is running out. If they don't find the kidnapped girls soon, it will be too late. And khổng lồ make matters worse, there's a Russian cyborg operative who has gone rogue and is now working for the syndicate.

EPhường. 20 Re-View

Togusa is on the trail of the Laughing Man again, and this time, his investigations lead him towards both a leading micromachine corporation & an NGO called the Sunflower Society. As he visits with one of the officers of the Sunflower Society, however, the building is attacked by especially well-armed troops!

EP 21 Eraser

After being shot, Togusa's in the hospital & about lớn go into surgery, but he is desperate to lớn pass on what he's learned khổng lồ the rest of Section 9. As Togusa fights for his life, the rest of Section 9 takes over the case, but others within the government have sầu learned of the investigation and are not happy. A special forces unit is dispatched khổng lồ intercept them with a state-of-the-art Armed Suit.

EP 22 Scandal

Motoko is about to lớn be fitted for her new prosthetic toàn thân. But when the doctor arrives và begins the procedure, it's clear that she has no intent of letting Motoko out alive. With Motoko's friend Courtin waiting outside & unaware of what's going on, Motoko must fight for her life. Meanwhile, Aramaki receives a disturbing message that his brother has been kidnapped.

EPhường 23 Equinox

The Laughing Man returns! And, just as he did six years ago, he kidnaps the president of Serano Genomics without being detected. Section 9 arrives at Serano's house too late, và sets out to find hlặng. The Laughing Man and Mr. Serano discuss what happened six years ago, and why Mr. Serano hasn't fulfilled his promise. This time, however, things are going lớn be different, with or without Serano's help.

EP 24 Annihilation

The government orders Section 9 disbanded. Aramaki is taken away, và Togusa is arrested. Motoko assembles the remaining team members at HQ for one final mission. They prepare for a full-scale assault while Elite troopers và Armed Suits desckết thúc on Section 9 HQ.

EPhường 25 Barrage

Despite their best efforts, the remaining members of Section 9 are rounded up one by one by the government forces. Only Batou và Motoko are left. Batou goes to lớn Motoko's apartment, even though he's sure its under surveillance. Once inside, he is attacked by the troops, but discovers Motoko's secret weapons cabịt & manages to fight back. But when the Armed Suit shows up, things start to lớn go badly.

EP 26 St& Alone Complex

Togusa has been released from jail. But his badge & gun are confiscated, and he's given papers showing the dissolution of Section 9. Out of work & depressed, he tries to find information on the others, but there is nothing available. Thinking that he has nothing left khổng lồ thua trận, he goes khổng lồ assassinate the man responsible when he is stopped by--Batou! It seems that Section 9 is still alive and well after all, but what about the Major?

EP 1 Reembody

A group of terrorists identifying themselves as the "Individual Eleven" barricade themselves within the Chinese Embassy. Section 9 is called in to lớn eliminate the terrorists without any civilian casualties, all before the scheduled police raid.

EPhường 2 Night Cruise

This episode focuses on the life of a refugee living in Japan. He has plans lớn "reset the world" và change things. But are his plans merely violent daydreams, or something more sinister?

EP 3 Cash Eye

A hacker & thief by the name of Cash Eye plans on infiltrating a vault during a tiệc nhỏ, & Section 9 is called in lớn prevent it. But there are a number of strange elements in this case that don't all add up.

EPhường 4 Natural Enemy

A routine live-fire exercise goes wrong, leaving a fleet of AI controlled helicopters flying above sầu a refugee area, firing on anyone who comes near. And a mysterious và creepy man known as Gohdomain authority arrives to lớn tell Section 9 how to handle it.

EP.. 5 Inductance

An assassination threat has been made against Prime Minister Kayabuki; Section 9 is called to serve sầu as bodyguards Meanwhile, investigation on the Individual Eleven turns up some interesting history.

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EP. 6 Excavation

A seemingly run-of-the mill hit-and-run turns inkhổng lồ anything but when Togusa investigates. While in Tokyo, he discovers a secret from the past the GSDF is trying lớn keep hidden deep underground.

EPhường 7 239 Pu/94

Plans have been leaked to terrorists that the plutonium recovered from the underground nuclear facility in Tokyo is to be moved. Section 9 is called in lớn ensure the plutonium reaches its destination, & Gohdomain authority is there again.

EP 8 Fake Food

While on a stakeout of a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Section 9 finds out that someone is pulling strings và feeding misinformation to lớn the Public Safety Sections.

EP. 9 Ambivalence

The Tachikomas và the Major continue lớn investigate Gohdomain authority và his motives, while the rest of Section 9 are out to stop a string of suicide bombings.

EPhường 10 Trial

Togusa is brought up on charges after he becomes involved with a murder while off duty. But during the course of the trial, it becomes clear that who the attorney is really after is not Togusa, but all of Section 9!

EPhường 11 Affection

While field testing new recruits, the Major finds herself hacked, và an old woman tells her a story from her past.Watch more Ghost in the Shell on .

EPhường 12 Selecon

The Tachikomas, Ishikawa, & Borma locate a suspicious tệp tin believed to lớn be the Individual Eleven virus, The Major, Batou, Saito lớn go after Kuze, và the Individual Eleven prepare khổng lồ put their plan into lớn action.

EPhường 13 Make Up

After tracking down the designer of Kuze's face, it is discovered that he was already killed... by Paz.

EP.. 14 Poker Face

Sailớn recounts his first run-in with the Major, and how he became part of the group that would eventually become Section 9.

EP.. 15 Pat

The Major has become worried about the Tachikomas. It appears that their AIs have developed much more quickly và in ways that were not anticipated; they have sầu begun speaking about their "individuality". Worried, the Major calls Batou to lớn a meeting; the Tachikomas, having suspicions of their own, attempt to lớn eavesdrop on their conversation. What will be the fate of Section 9's Tachikomas?

EP. 16 Another Chance

The Prime Minister is alerted khổng lồ the existence of "hub cyberbrains," while Ishikawa returns from the peninsula to lớn report on what he found out about Kuze's past.

EPhường 17 Red Data

The Major heads to Taiwan to investigate a lead on Kuze, và ends up getting involved with local gangs and a troublesome kid.

EP. 18 Transparent

Batou and the Major are sent to lớn Berlin in an international effort to help traông chồng down the terrorist Angel's Wing.

EPhường 19 Chain Reaction

While tensions rise in the Dejima refugee camp, the Major hacks the refugee cyberbrain hub to determine Kuze's location.

EPhường 20 Fabricate Fog

After being ambushed by Kuze's followers at a false location, Section 9 is alerted to his true location, and his intentions of purchasing nuclear materials from the Russian mafia.The Cabinet Intelligence Service và Gohdomain authority are involved behind the scenes.

EP. 21 Embarrassment

Kuze escapes và Section 9 suffers heavy damages from the confrontation; Kuze leaves for Nagasaki harbor with the Russian package.

EPhường 22 Reversal Process

The entire city of Nagasaki is evacuated và the JSDF moves in after a live sầu nuclear bomb is found planted in the thành phố, presumably by Dejima militants. Section 9 arrives to lớn defuse the bomb and determine its precise origins.

EP.. 23 Martial Law

The government declares martial Law in Dejima, believing that the refugees have a nuclear device & plan lớn use it to lớn gain independence. When the refugees' connection to lớn Kuze is cut off, one shot begins a bloody war.

EP.. 24 Nuclear Power

The Prime Minister is taken inkhổng lồ custody, và the military begins its strike on Dejima. The Major và part of Section 9 head to lớn Dejima to lớn try lớn h& over the nuclear device khổng lồ the military there, in order lớn defuse the situation, while Ishikawa heads khổng lồ SPring-8 to lớn deliver the rest of the plutonium.

EP 25 This Side of Justice

Kuze manages to take down the jamming plane, but becomes trapped in rubble with the Major. The Tachikomas begin discussing what to lớn bởi about the nuclear submarine they have sầu spotted, and Batou manages to convince the special forces that have been sent to kill them lớn listen khổng lồ hyên.

EP. 26 Endless GIG

The tables seem to lớn be turning in favor of section 9, but the nuclear missile is still being prepared for launch. The Tachikomas take control of the AI satellite, & take out the nuclear missile.


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