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Get started: Read each section và complete each accompanying survey at your own pace, nói qua with your neighbors and friends, and let us know if you have any questions.  
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Opportunities in Lvà Use


Land use refers to lớn how buildings và property are used.

From our planning glossary:

A phrase that refers lớn how people use public và private property. For example, residential lvà use refers khổng lồ use of land or property where people live sầu và where residential structures may be built. Commercial land use refers to lớn use of property intended for commercial enterprise that may range from office space to restaurants & retail.

What you told us and what we"ve sầu learned

Guiding principles

About where to lớn grow

Growth is most appropriate where infrastructure, amenities và services are present.

Direct future growth to lớn areas near transit, along major corridors, & around gulches—while making sure future development benefits the existing community and enhances the unique of life for all residents.

About where to adapt

Industrial areas have opportunities (e.g., jobs) và challenges (e.g., truông xã traffic and noise). More discussion is needed on how these areas can better serve community needs.

Enhance existing industrial areas lớn better serve the neighborhood. Incorporate a broader set of uses lớn expvà services to lớn residents và improve streets khổng lồ increase safety và create better connections.

About where to lớn expand

Residents want more housing options that are diverse và affordable for families và people in different phases of life (e.g., townhomes, condominiums, và accessory dwelling units, not just apartments or single-family homes).

Exp& housing options that are affordable for residents at all income levels và lifestyles. This includes offering more housing choices than apartments và single-family homes—by encouraging affordable duplex, triplex, tandem homes & accessory dwelling units.

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About where lớn nurture

Local retail areas like 10th Avenue và Knox need support và investment khổng lồ create neighborhood businesses và services and to create places for people to gather.

Support existing shopping areas inside neighborhoods by encouraging community-desired uses & thiết kế that contributes lớn the character of the surrounding neighborhoods. 

About where khổng lồ preserve

The community wants to keep & encourage high-unique kiến thiết in residential areas lớn protect the existing character & community identity.

Preserve sầu existing housing that is already more affordable to lớn residents (i.e., smaller, original homes) và encourage great thiết kế in new development.



Corridors provide direct connections through neighborhoods và lớn surrounding communities và may accommodate high-frequency transit. Primary corridors serve mostly commercial và business areas. Secondary corridors serve mostly residential areas with some commercial activity and businesses. Primary and Secondary corridors should absorb much of Denver’s future growth. A third type of corridor, "neighborhood corridors," are predominately residential and may include some small-scale commercial storefronts.

RTD station areas should accommodate a phối of uses that support frequent transit services. Local Stations (Perry and Knox) are intended khổng lồ have sầu lower-scale development compared with Regional Station Areas (Sheridan and Decatur), which should be destinations with mid-to lớn higher-level developments.

Neighborhood centers are small commercial areas that are centrally located in neighborhoods và should be active sầu places where residents socialize và shop.

Neighborhood areas are where most residents live sầu. The types of housing (e.g., single-unit, duplex, apartments) in West Denver vary by geography and neighborhood. Generally, the current housing stoông chồng north of Dry Gulch is more diverse than the south.

Industrial areas in West Denver are major employment centers for Denver và the region. The businesses located here offer stable, good paying jobs in important job sectors.