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lặng wondering if there is any Sublime Text 3 plugin besides HTML Tidy which is able khổng lồ reindent or reformat parts of HTML Code

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Thanks a lot for your answer, but i found a nice, built in approach of sublime text. Just select everything (CTRL + a (Windows) or CMD + a (Mac) & click this in the menu

Edit → Line → Reindent

maybe this helps also others

EDIT(2017): You can also use key combination (without need for mouse)

CTRL + SHIFT + P.. (Windows)CMD + SHIFT + Phường (Mac)then type "Reindent" and select the fist option "Indentation: Reindent Lines"


Chechồng out HTML-CSS-JS Prettify. It requires nodejs be installed và in your PATH, but once you get that set up properly it works great. Make sure you read all of the docs, though.


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