How to create domain in windows server 2012


After installing the Active Directory Domain Services feature on your server, you can promote the server khổng lồ a domain controller. If you have just finished the feature installation, the AD DS Configuration Wizard begins automatically.

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tên miền name – which must be passed through the DomainName parametercredentials – that are in the Domain Admins group of the domainDirectory Services Restore Mode password – which can either be passed through the SafeModeAdministratorPassword parameter, or it can be provided when prompted.

There are many more optional parameters that can be used, which specify everything from where to find the installation truyền thông media, to whether or not khổng lồ reboot when it’s completed.

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The simplest example of this is:

Install-ADDSDomainController "mydomain.local"

How to lớn Add a Domain Forest using PowerShell

To use Install-ADDSDomain, you must also specify the parent domain name name. Just as when using PowerShell to add a domain controller, you may either supply the Directory Services Restore Mode password in the cmdlet, or provide it when prompted.

This is an example of how to lớn create a new tên miền in a forest with PowerShell:

Install-ADDSDomain -NewDomainName mychildn `-ParentDomainName mytên miền.local; `-InstallDNS `-CreateDNSDelegation `-DomainMode Win8 `-ReplicationSourceDC dc0.mydomain.localNote: The ` character is used khổng lồ continue the commvà on the next line

How to lớn Add a New Forest with PowerShell

To use Install-ADDSForest, all that needs khổng lồ be provided is the forest name. A prompt will allow the Directory Services Restore Mode password khổng lồ be entered, and DNS is installed by mặc định during a forest installation.

An example of this would be:

Install-ADDSForest "mytên miền.local"Or you could be more specific:

Install-ADDSForest –DomainName mydomain.loca ` -CreateDNSDelegation ` -DomainMode Win8 ` -ForestMode Win8


Though Windows Server 2012 removes the dcpromo that system engineers have been using since 2000, they have sầu not removed the functionality. If a GUI is preferred by an active sầu directory engineer, they may still have sầu much of the look và feel provided through Server Manager. If a script or a comm& line interface is preferred, new cmdlets in PowerShell provide all of the flexibility of the GUI, with the added benefit or scalability & reusability.