How to discourage search engines from indexing wordpress sites

In my work as a WordPress consultant, only once have I actually damaged a site I worked on. I left “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” checked on a live sầu site, suppressing the site’s page rank over the weeks until I noticed the mistake.

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A single kiểm tra box khổng lồ wipe out hundreds of search rankings: it’s a startling asymmetry, especially since there’s no quiông chồng way lớn unvì the damage.

Reflecting baông chồng on the experience, I’m most struchồng by the convenience: a single check box khổng lồ wipe out hundreds of tìm kiếm rankings. It’s a startling asymmetry—especially since there’s no quiông chồng way khổng lồ unvày the damage even once you notice your mistake. Reindexing the site won’t yield results for hours, và regaining the lost page rank takes weeks and months, lượt thích restoring an old-growth forest.

So this post will cover what “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” does, why never lớn use it, and how lớn quickly find out if your site or your client’s site has used it. The hope is that more people can permanently avoid the trap of “Discourage search engines,” & that more sites with SEO suppressed can be spotted & rehabilitated.

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What “Discourage tìm kiếm engines from indexing this site” does

lars hansson says:

can someone help i have sầu a customer who wanted a site developed. I offered her hosting but she said she already had hosting. now her hosting provider gave me access to her Cpanel và i tried to upload WordPress no luchồng.

I notified them and they told me as they vày not have sầu the full license

wordpress needs to lớn uploaded via FTP. and they would vì it. It did not cross my mind khổng lồ kiểm tra the section Discourage search engines.

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anyhow I started khổng lồ build the site & when finished googled the site & saw the following error:

i then uploaded a sitebản đồ generator lớn wordpress và get the following: User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/ Disallow: /wp-includes/

anyhow this is the error I am getting when i google: ohara wells

could someone take a look and see what the hell is going on?

my tin nhắn is webcactus

Hi Lars,

I’m seeing the following at

User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/

Sitemap:ản đồ.xml

If that’s the correct robots.txt, you should be fine (& in fact you’ll want to lớn add Disallow: /wp-includes/, looks like you may have sầu deleted that), but I’m seeing the same thing you bởi in Google. Google will take a while lớn reindex a site, so once you’re sure everything works properly you may just need to lớn wait a day or lớn.

Here are two threads on the subject:

If you’d like consulting help with the problem, you can be in touch at contact

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