I downloaded downloading XAMPPhường for my learning lesson. After I finished theinstall, I can use it normally. But when I try to connect lớn MySquốc lộ I keep return this error.

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function connect() $link=mysql_connect("DB_HOST","DB_USER","DB_PWD") or die("连接失败Error:".mysql_error().":".mysql_error()); mysql_select_db(DB_DBNAME); return $link;



First, Kindly ensure the MySQL service is running.

mở cửa XAMPP Control PanelCliông chồng on Start button corresponding to lớn MySQL module.

Then, Try checking khổng lồ see if the PHP MySquốc lộ extension module is being loaded:

Run the above sầu code/page & tìm kiếm for mysql.If it"s not there, add the following lớn the php.ini file:

extension=php_mysql.dllUpdate: mysql_* functions have been removed in PHP 7. You probably have a php7 in XAMPPhường. Please use PDO or mysqli_connect("DB_HOST","DB_USER","DB_PWD") instead of mysql_connect().

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First of all looking at your code; you have sầu this part:

function connect() $link=mysql_connect("DB_HOST","DB_USER","DB_PWD") or die("连接失败Error:".mysql_error().":".mysql_error()); mysql_select_db(DB_DBNAME); return $link; After you have sầu closed the php tag("?>"); meaning what comes after the closing php tag is not part of your php code. So try inserting the closing php tag at the over of your code. Something like this:

As for your code; I would simply rewrite it as:

Then try connecting lớn your MySQL database.


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