Fixing 413 request entity too large with wordpress


The error ‘413 Entity Too Large’ is a comtháng issue for WordPress websites that usually appears when you are trying lớn upload a file that exceeds the upload limits on your website. In such cases, the tệp tin won’t be uploaded and you will see the 413 Request Entity Too Large error text.

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Note that before modifying any trang web files, it’s best to lớn do a backup of your trang web from Site Tools > Security > Backups.

You can eliminate the error by increasing your website limits by adding the different rules khổng lồ your theme or custom plugin. To vì that, go khổng lồ Client Area > Websites > Site Tools next lớn the desired website & click Site > File Manager. Find the themes thư mục which should be located inside the wp-nội dung folder > themes.

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Then right-click on the file functions.php & select Edit. At the end of the tệp tin, add these lines:

ini_set( "upload_max_size" , "128M");
ini_set( "post_max_size", "128M");Save the changes before closing the file using the Save button on the top.


You can also watch a video tutorial here:


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